Ecstatic Awakenings is in the burning fires of Purification...

... to rise again like the Phoenix with an upcoming new website and offerings.

Ecstatic Awakenings was create to birth the work of Embodied Psychosexual Healing.  After a couple of years of profound and transformative work, retreats and more, the founders have launched onto their own paths to bring each of their gifts out into the world to better serve their own individual passions.  I am forever grateful for the fun, lessons and clients.  I am excited about taking all of this into my new direction with Women, Men, couples and families and my interests have expanded and focused.

Nadine is a cutting-edge innovator in the field of personal development who delights in guiding individuals to living their Full Ecstatic Embodied Potential. I offer a range of services to assist you in realizing your potential to become a fully integrated being: mature, centered, loving, and compassionate.

Nadine has both devoted her life to her own evolution in Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit and to the same evolution in Others.  I bring over 25 years of a wealth of wisdom, experience and practice that encompasses cutting edge technologies in the fields of Health, Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness, Body Work, Energy Work, Meditation, Hakomi, Spirituality, Feminine Shamanism, Spiritual Midwifery, Sexuality, Tantra, and Esoteric Mysticism.  I love teaching and facilitating workshops and retreats, especially in collaboration with other innovators.  I have rich life experience and a profound and committed devotional practice and relationship to Spirit. I am thrilled to be weaving my gifts together offering various modalities of the East and West, Ancient and Modern, Spontaneous and Disciplined… and always in service of expanding your Heart Consciousness, Aliveness and the experience of Embodied Love. I am honored to be in Service to your Ecstatic Embodied Awakening!


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