Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are you Life Coaches, Bodyworkers, Sexual Healers?

Essentially, All of the Above.  We prefer to refer to ourselves as Illuminating Liberators, together.  We help to illuminate the path to your Liberation, help light the way to your Ultimate Freedom.  We are both trained in extensive Bodywork, various modalities of Sexaul Healing, Hakomi Therapy, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Breathwork and Meditation.

Nadine is an Integrative Catalyst.  Previously, a practicing psychotherapist, she holds a Masters in Somatic Psychology.  She is also a Certified Doula, Spiritual Midwife, Bodyworker, Energy worker and Ordained Priestess and Minister.  She has apprenticed and studied with many trusted Spiritual Teachers.

Alika is and Embodiment Guide, Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Master Body worker and has practiced various modalities of Martial Arts and apprenticed and studied with many Spiritual Teachers.  Please see our individual Bios for more complete information on our background and education, formal and traditional, untraditional and esoteric.

Eventually our passions for personal and professional growth had our tool boxes overflowing and we each realized that one ‘modality’ was too small a box for us to work in.  So we stepped onto a larger playing field where we could bring all of our gifts to clients in service to their highest transformation and evolution possible.  We have created a work we call Embodied Psychosexual Healing and a program that combines all of our knowledge and gifts and allows for us to work with our clients as Whole Multidimensional Beings integrating healing and growth in the mind, body, spirit and heart.  Our work can encompasses counseling, bodywork, sexual healing, shamanism, prayer and sacred ritual and more, depending on each individual clients needs, beliefs and readiness.

Ultimately we are in service to each of our client’s journey to Wholeness, embodying Unconditional Love and living to their Full Potential.  We utilize all of our gifts in assisting our clients reach their goals and create extraordinary epic lives.

Q. Are you licensed psychotherapists?

No, we are not.  We are not licensed California State mental health professionals and do not provide psychotherapy or any other mental health service that would require a license, nor do we hold ourselves out to provide such services. We provide consulting, educational services, spiritual counsel and various healing modalities that often result in significant learning, transformation, expansion in consciousness and body awareness, and personal evolution.  Nadine does hold a Masters in Somatic Psychology/ Counseling Psychology and after years as a practicing psychotherapist has chosen to work in a more inclusive realm.

Q: How is your work different than therapy?

A: Therapy is about diagnosis, classification, and often medicating. It is a problem and illness approach. Our work is about resolving past events, educating your mind to right thinking, and then deepening your Self; mind body and soul.  It is a solution approach. An educational approach.  A deep integrative healing approach.

Q. Are you available for Individual Sessions?

In general we work with clients in a series of sessions.  True transformation takes some time, commitment and follow through.  It’s a process.  Depending on our client load, we sometimes may do individual sessions in bodywork, anointing or other ceremonial work and Rites of Passage.  And we will often do follow up individual sessions, check ins with clients who have gone through a more extensive program with us, a sort of Soul Tending.

Q. Are you available on Skype?

Yes, absolutely.  Our work would be different and obviously not include hands on sessions, but we both have extensive training and years of experience in the realms of personal transformation, Spirituality, Sexuality, Health and so much more.  We are happy to co- create a program that will assist you in your Ecstatic Awakening.

Q. What is an Ecstatic Awakening?  Are you only talking about Sexual Awakenings?

We believe that everything is connected and we are all in a process of awakening.  Oftentimes people become stagnant in life, maybe a little too comfortable and something happens to shake them up, wake them up to remind that they are Alive right here and right now.  Oftentimes if there has been too much halted growth, these awakenings can be tumultuous and painful as it is our natural human tendency to move towards comfort.  We believe that growth can be an exciting and joyful experience, in fact ecstatic!  There are many avenues of waking up and our fleshy earthly bodies are a part of it.  Sexuality can be a vital aspect of awakening in one’s whole mind,body and spirit.  Because of the baggage our society has around sexuality, it is one of the most blocked areas that many people have in their lives.  It is also an area that many will bypass on their path of personal transformation, their path of living their full potential.  This is a mistake as at the core of our bodies, our sexuality our root and sacral chakras (the center of our sexual energy) lies a treasure of vitality and energy and can be opened and accessed to fuel our passions and creativity.

In essence, we pay attention to the Whole Person when we work with our clients, and that includes our sexuality.  It is a piece that many therapists and coaches leave out.  We combine it all if it feel that it is our clients highest good to incorporate that into their program.  Our hope for our clients is that they are safe to bring all aspect of their lives, their hopes and dreams to the table and be willing to step into the ecstasy of living a full embodied life… Awake, Alive, Aligned.

Q. What does a session look like?

Our sessions are a combination of talk, sometimes oracle readings and sometimes bodywork and conscious touch.  It all depends on the program we have co-created for our journey together.   Touch in our work is given for the purpose of personal growth, relaxation, pleasure and the integration of how one may experience the body mind spirit connection.   Some of our work is and may be experienced as intimate in its nature of touch and sensuality.  This sense of felt intimacy is in service to your personal growth and evolution, yet it is not “personal” in its essential nature. We are engaging in a professional working relationship.

Q: What do you charge for your one-on-one services?

A: $50,000.00 an hour.  Just kidding.

We do not discuss fees until we meet, we have a better understanding of your needs, and you have a better understanding of the work and the value it would bring to your life.  It would simply be inappropriate. However, no one has ever had sticker shock. It is truly about putting the focus where it is appropriate and in which sequence. If we answered the question without you understanding the process and value better, it would be irresponsible of us. And it would not matter if our rates were $30/hour or $5,000. It is still a number with no meaning until you understand the value it would bring to your life.

How we work is we engage in partnership around your goals, desires, and outcomes for a series of sessions, sometimes 3 months, sometimes 6 months, sometimes more. In that time, you have virtually unlimited access to us. We can do this because we only engage with a limited number of clients at a time so we can fully serve them.

Again, we can honestly say that no one has ever experienced sticker shock.

Q. Tantra seems so Man/ Woman based and as Queer Identified it leaves me feeling alienated when I read about it.  Is your work for those who identify as heterosexual only?

Absolutely not!!!  We work with clients of all sexual orientation and identification, all genders and races.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us directly.  And for now here are some ponderings on this topic.

Love and sexuality transcend all barriers, all false illusions of separation.

We have delightfully explored in the realms of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Sometimes in these realms there is an importance put on the interplay between polarities, and sometimes it can on the outside look like ultra masculine and feminine.  Many of our loved ones who do not identify as ‘straight’ have felt alienated by this idea. This breaks our hearts as the polarities are within us, as we each carry the balance of masculine and feminine, regardless of how we identify or what our appearance may be on the outside.

The Sacredness of Sexuality is for all, every single living sentient being. It is our great desire that our work in the world and these beautiful teachings and philosophies are welcoming to all who are looking to heal and transform sexual wounding and trauma, to those who wish to experience greater pleasure in their life, to those who wish deep connection with themselves and their lovers and partners, and to those who wish to know God through their bodies and a Devotional practice of Sacred Sexuality.

We are always open to suggestions on how to make this work more open to all… in ending this thought, we would like to share that one of the Founding Principles of Tantra is somewhat as follows:

~ Each Human Being is of quadruple nature, two Masculine and two Feminine, Tantra operates in Four distinct realities. And the Union of Masculine and Feminine is (in addition to Right with Left) also of the descending current with the ascending; as it progress (Kundalini) Shakti rises, activating the Chakras.

It is about Union… coming back home to Love, ultimately.

Read our Glossary for more.

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