Dreaming the Priestess Awake… Birthing a new world by way of the Divine Feminine.


In my dream I was walking between the many various aspects of my life it seemed. I was at my son’s middle school, bringing him something he’d forgotten. Then I was at my older son’s high school, watching the teenagers and how they treated each other. I saw drugs, fear, nervous and disconnected sexual encounters, I saw shy kids and bullies. I saw an average world, the world I had grown up in. Dull and unconscious social encounters, people hiding from each other, not able to be themselves. I saw my beautiful amazing Saint of a husband, Andrew, my fabulous working partner in Purpose, Passion and Pleasure, Alika, and found myself in a neighborhood. Life was busy and I could see all the playing fields I was a part of.

The world was somewhat grey, and on the darker side. I had the sense there was somewhere I had to be…. and I could feel a pull, a warmth, a light calling me towards a center. A center that was a Radiant Light World of Bliss, Ecstasy and Love within the many layers of my busy world, but also a center within Me.

I turned toward the center and I saw a beautiful light, a whole world it seemed just beyond a low wall (like the Great Wall of China, enclosing a precious Queendom, but one could easily see over and hop over this wall). Light and water everywhere… there seemed to be a different world in the middle of my worlds that had a radiance all its own. I walked to climb the walls and heard a gut wrenching cries and wailing of a boy.

Turning towards the wails I saw something that looked like a car wash inside of an Area, a coliseum… with rows and rows of benches. On the benches were all men, in the nude and they all looked similar. Hard, emotionless, straight and rigid. This was the darkest part of these worlds surrounding the radiant bright euphoric world of the center. The men seemed to be watching some sort of event. There were steel doors however and I couldn’t see what was behind the doors except the cries were coming from there. I heard a mans’ voice yelling at the boy, I heard whips and thrashing and gushing water hoses, and thrashing about with the cries. The doors slowly began to open, I saw a woman inside, standing by… disconnected from herself. The boy cried and screamed, my whole body in panic as I climbed down from the beautiful white wall between worlds.

The doors continued to open and it was clear there was some sort of punishing going on of a young teenage boy. He was being tortured and the rows of men were witnessing it. He was being forced to renounce his Truth and repeat words this man was saying to him. As I ran to go help him, one of my sisters, Theresa (sister in my Priestesshood) appeared and reached out to grab my hand and stop me. “He will find his way when it’s time,” she said, “but we’re waiting for you.”

 beginningWith tears and anguish in my heart I went with her and slowly climbed the walls and stepped into the most beautiful world, Temple, scene, existence I could have imagined. There was bright light everywhere, rolling hills it seemed, water, so much water everywhere… it seemed to be a Sacred Temple in the center of all the busy parts of the grey, black and white world and my life surrounding it.

I stepped more deeply into this world and I suddenly saw hundreds and hundreds of beautiful sweet, BEAUTIFUL young women sitting in formations of Sacred Geometry. I gasped with joy at this sight! There were so many, and they all looked at me as I walked in. They were all wearing white sashes around their hips, but they remained topless, simple garlands of green and jasmine in their hair.   Each was holding white candles in their hands just below their breasts. They were all excitedly yet patiently waiting…   Imagine my delight at the sight of hundreds of nubile nymphs sitting in the formation of the Flower of Life amidst crystal clear turquoise waters. Truly I felt I had walked into Heaven.

There was a place open for me where I was to take my seat, in the center, one part of 4. The other three women were already there, smiling as I approached. There was Vyanna, Elana, and Julianna. Kalila, Ariel, Danielle Owl, Tracy, Eden and Diana were walking around orchestrating this magical ceremony about to take place. Others Sisters I knew were scattered about the mandala of young women.

12992_10152550089565438_1961842009_nWalking towards the center I realized I had my younger son on my shoulders and I wasn’t sure if he could be there, and I hesitated with all of the beautiful young women and their exposed breasts, and then I saw the purity, innocence and true beauty and knew there was no such thing as ‘Shame’ here in this world. And I looked around and I saw there were a few pockets of men, boys within the sacred geometry of all the young women. And I was so deeply happy. I knew some of the boys, the men, and I placed my son down as he went to sit with a group of them and I saw my older son… all was well. I was joyous beyond belief… I caught a glance of the outside darker grey world, and wondered about the young boy being tortured and then saw a few more men (including the boy) were climbing over the wall into this land. All was perfect and safe and Pure here.

I looked down to see that I too was wearing a white sash over my hips, but I also wore a Scarlet Red veil draped over the white. It was the symbol of my lineage, the Magdalena lineage… the Sisterhood of the Scarlet Veil. I was aware with the deep knowing that I was to take my place in the center circle, an elder it seemed and initiate these luscious young women into the Holy Temple of their Bodies, the Sacred Art of Devotional Love, the path of Tantra, the Blood Rites… Menarche, Birth, Menopause. Stepping into the center, looking into Vyanna’s warm loving eyes, that knowing without a word, Julianna and her loving welcoming smiling eyes, Elena taking my hand and with such love says to me, “we’ve been waiting for you, Sister.”

 dance_10I began to explain, “but I had to help them, “ thinking of the young man and that awful scene of so many just sitting, watching… and letting all of that be okay. I shook my body and washed it all off. My Sister Janelle appeared and as I looked at her and all of my Sisters, all of these precious young new women here… this Temple, this Sisterhood, this new Brilliant Light Radiant Divine world… I knew I was exactly where I wanted and was meant to be!!!! And I could not have been more Ecstatic!

 And so it begins… blessed be!


May She… the Priestess, the Divine Feminine Awaken within each of us (all gender, all life forms, all sentient beings), within the planet, taking her place alongside the Divine Masculine as we walk together towards Sacred Union back home into Love. The One Heart of which we are all a part.

In Lak’ech

I am another YourSelf. I am you, You are Me


This dream was prompted by a series of magical events and a conversation I had had with a dear friend, a true Wizard and Magical Man.

I was telling him about my Sisterhood a little and how we had the dream to build a temple where we could truly offer our healing work in all of it aspects of the Divine Feminine. I shared with him a little about this path, of the magic we create. Sharing about my ‘remembrance’ and my Initiation. The conversation began because I had been gifted to take care of some stunning Sacred Temple Art until we build our Temple and I brought it in for safe keeping. These art pieces will be the foundation of my healing room and the Sacred Work I am doing with my working partner Alika. I am so honored and grateful to be entrusted in this way, it touches me beyond belief.

IMG_0446“I would devote my life to it, “ I told him… in all seriousness, “ I would devote my life to my Sisterhood and birthing our Temple to be in service to the awakening and birthing of Gaia into this next chapter of existence into Love. I took a vow to be in Service.”

And it’s true. Of course I would devote my Life to the creating of a Temple, a Healing Center that offered Midwifing of Birthing and Dying, Anointing, Marriage Ceremonies, other Rites of Passage, Sacred Theatre and so much more!!!!  True Healing and being held in the arms of the Sacred.  Let’s do this thing!!!

I have stepped into my true highest self in this journey. It is the hardest work I have ever done on many levels, and yet I also have felt more truly supported and loved in ways I never even imagined. The generosity I have been shown is overwhelming. The gifts I have awakened to, the beauty, the Sacredness, the Magic. My life became magic when I walked onto this path. I began to “see” again. I often feel I am walking in between worlds still, as evidenced in my dream. And yet what I realize is that that Sacred Temple, the radiant world of light with all of the beautiful beings ready to be Initiated is Real. It is Real inside of my heart, the Divine Feminine waking up within me, as I embody my Inner High Priestess more and more.   And it is also true in the “Real” outer world. So many people are waking up to the Oneness of the Love that we all are. These gorgeous waves of awakening are washing over Gaia as we shift into a paradigm of balance. Balance of the Feminine and Masculine, Eastern and Western, Yin and Yang, Ancient and Modern, Spontaneous and Disciplined, Human and Divine…. So that we are truly calling Eden forth, living Heaven on Earth.



What do I do as a Priestess, you may ask? Well, I show up. I am woman, a mother, a wife, a partner, a lover and friend, a neighbor, I am a Spiritual Counselor, therapist, a Sacred Initiatrix, a Tantrika, a Dakini, a Sexual Healer, a Healer, a Holy Anointer, an Integrative Catalyst, and Awakener, an Emissary of Light, a Vessel of Love, a midwife; Transition Priestess of Birth and Death, midwifing Souls to and from this Earth… I hold ceremony and ritual, create altars, and make Magic, I commune with the Elements, nature and Spirit, I marry people… I walk gently on my path and forgive myself and others when we stray. I am a Priestess. I am She… and embodiment of the Sacred Feminine awakening. A Holy Embodiment of Divinity, of Love. Blessed Be!!!10431445_10154439814670438_1724848441259762134_n

 In Service to the One Heart, to ushering in Heaven on Earth,


 *** Nierika is my initiated Soul name… the Eye of God, a portal between worlds


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Wishing you Love and Light and Bliss on Your Journey.


Please enjoy these words from the Awakening Avalon Sisterhood…

What is a Priestess?

A Priestess is a vessel of Eternity… a servant of the Goddess, of Truth, of Beauty, of Wisdom, and a conduit of Love.  She is a woman awake in her femininity and the power of the Goddess in her body temple.  She is a spiritual activist doing the work of the Divine in the world. A seeker, a mystic, a poetess, a dancer, a lover, a warrior, a mother, a sorceress, a crone, the Priestess allows all of the ways of the Lady to live in her.  She is a revolutionary force of kindness and compassion and strength and fortitude.

Dancing with the elements, she practices self-love as a devotion to the Goddess.  She listens. She responds. She is still and moving at the same time.  From her connection to Source, she is a beacon of spirit and soul, radiating blessings around her and enlivening any being who comes into contact with her.

Everyone is the artist of their lives, and the Priestess is trained to become a devotional artist of service and healing. She is rooted in her internal relationship with spirit and from there she can do inspired work in the world. A priestess can be a healer, a stay-at-home mother, a teacher, a CEO, a hermit; the particular expression of her service is as unique as each woman on the Path.  When a woman reclaims this archetype, she enters into seriously playful intimacy with the powers that create our lives.  She frees herself from the domesticated mind and roams purposefully in the wilds of her heart, letting her authentic nature guide her.

One of the names of the Goddess is, “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” The Priestess hears these cries, she feels them in her body, indelibly etched in her cells.  The Priestess has an inborn sense of responsibility – literally the “ability to respond,” – which motivates her to a life of service. She cultivates her life as a practical mystic, being a leader by her radical choice to fully inhabit her feminine nature.  The Priestess is a pillar of support and a chalice of guidance as humanity writes this next chapter of the Great Story.



  1. I am touched by your site and your work. I am called by the energies of our time to be a bridge for the energies of the Divine Feminine. I am a teacher, a trained Priestess and counselor. Being in union with other women doing this work is important.

    I’ve spent the last year in quiet purposefully as I sensed a huge shift within and in our world afoot with which I needed to align. It is the birthing of a new world vastly different from that which we have known. The old ways are dying as our planet undergoes an initiation that will birth greater Light, Love and Power into our world, and we shift from the old patriarchal model and the Divine Feminine takes her place again. It is lovely to see this in your work and I reach out to you to be an assist in any way.
    Loving Blessings,

    • Thank you so very much, Lyratah… I so appreciate your reaching out. Yes, this is quite a path… Wonderful to meet you.

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